Thursday Night News

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday, I’m pretty much buried in snow at the moment, but I found a few interesting news notes to pass along…

The topic of wine closures has always been controversial.  Many people believe that natural cork is the best form of closure.  Others will say that synthetic cork and screw caps are the way to go, claiming that too many bottles with natural cork become tainted with TCA, or become “corked.” A lot of money has been invested in synthetic closures and screw caps in recent years. It is difficult to say which option is really the best; there have been many studies done to prove or disprove that one enclosure is better or worse than the other.  Just as long as they don’t get rid of corks altogether, natural or synthetic.  There is something about the pop of the cork that makes a bottle of wine that much more enjoyable…anyways, here is an interesting article about a new synthetic wine closure, with a short video as well.

 The Spanish wine region of Rueda is known for white wines made from the Verdejo grape.  Located  northwest of Madrid, the climactic conditions in Rueda  are very favorable for growing Verdejo and other grapes such as Sauvignon Blanc and Palomino.  The wines produced in this region are fresh and crisp with good aromatic qualities.  An article today predicts the wines of Rueda may rival the white wines of New Zealand.    

 Here is an interesting bit which points out that of the top 100 wineries in Germany, 20 of them produce wines that are organic or biodynamic.

Have a great night!


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