Arbor Crest Sauvignon Blanc

I always enjoy a nice, crisp Sauvignon Blanc.  Normally a great wine for sitting outside in the summer heat, but also not a bad choice on a cold winter night.  The other day I noticed a Sauvignon Blanc made by Arbor Crest was on sale for $10 retail, so I decided to give it a whirl.  This 2010 was made with grapes from the Bacchus Vineyard in the Columbia Valley of Washington State.  The wine presented itself in a clear pale yellow color, with a nose of fresh citrus.  The first sip yielded a crisp flavor of pink grapefruit, and left off with a nice pleasant finish.  It’s a great wine to relax and enjoy the evening with.  Also, if you happen to be in the Spokane, WA area, Arbor Crest is a superb place to spend the day tasting some great wines.  The winery is on a bluff overlooking the SpokaneValley, and is a nice spot to relax and soak in the view, as well as some wine:)  I would definitely recommend it. 

Other fun stuff…

New Zealand is famous for it’s Sauvignon Blanc,  but recently kicked off the first “Summer of Riesling“.  Sounds like a good time to be in New Zealand!

The Super Bowl seems mostly like a beer occasion, but here are some great suggestions for pairing wine with all that game day food.

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