Hedges CMS Red and More

I tried an interesting blend last night, the Hedges CMS  red blend.  The majority of red blends I’ve tried are typically made with Bordeaux varietals, however for this one Hedges threw in some Syrah, 16% to be exact.  The grapes used in this wine were from the Columbia Valley, and overall I thought the wine was pretty good.  This 2009 has a very dark purple color to it, and I sensed hints of spice and ripe plum on the nose.  On the palate it was pretty easy going, with smooth tannins and acids, and a left off with a decent finish.  I can definitely detect the syrah in the wine, and it does give it a unique taste, which is a nice change from the norm.  For $9 it’s not a bad buy.   

 While sipping on my glass of Hedges CMS, I read an interesting article  about how heavy wine packaging (particularly glass bottles) is a big contributor to the carbon footprint of the wine industry.  This is especially true for long distance shipping.  The article mentioned several alternative packaging types, such more light weight glass bottles, plastic bottles, Tetra Pak, and most interestingly, kegs.  Kegs would be most beneficial to wine bars and tasting rooms, as they can keep wine fresh for extended periods of time.  I know a few people who have tried “draft” wine, and have told me that there really is not much of a difference if any. 

One form of packaging that was not mentioned in the article but brought up in a comment is aluminum cans.  The individual who commented about aluminum packaging happened to be the brand manager for Elkan wines, a Chilean winery.  Elkan is a producer that strictly uses cans as packaging for their wines. It is a cheaper alternative to glass, and is also the most recycled material in the world.  I just so happened to have had the opportunity to try their product a little while back, and I must say for wine out of a can it was quite good.  I tried the 2008 Carmenere, and it was a nice smooth drinking wine with a fruity finish.  I’m not sure about the aging potential of the aluminum can, but it seems like an ideal alternative to glass.  I guess as long as any type of alternative packaging doesn’t harm the quality of the wine then I’m all for it, especially if it is beneficial to the environment.

Other exciting wine news…

 Israel is battling the assumption that any wine made there is nothing but sweet and kosher. I tried some Israeli wine a couple of years ago and was impressed.

Here is an odd story where a store in the UK was caught selling fake wine.

That’s all for now, have a great weekend!




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