Riesling from the Nahe

Well it has been a pretty busy last few weeks, and unfortunately I haven’t been able to blog much, but I have of course

2005 R Fusion Riesling

been able to sample a few good wines.  This past Easter weekend I tried an excellent Riesling that was produced in the Nahe region of Germany.  This is a smaller wine producing region known for producing high quality Riesling and is located in Southwestern Germany, between the Rheinhessen and Mittelrhein regions.  There are around 12,000 planted acres of grapes, which include Riesling, Muller Thurgau, and Sylvaner.  Most of The vineyards are found around the banks of the Nahe River, which is a tributary of the Rhine.  There are some diverse soil types found here such as limestone, loess, and sandstone.  On the sandstone is where the finest Riesling vines are grown.  Wines from this region are quite unique in aroma and flavor, and this particular Riesling definitely was unique.  This was a 2005 R Fusion, and it was quite a nice bottle.  This wine had a nice pale, light green color, and on the nose a very pronounced hint of petrol along with honey and ripe apricot.  Along with smooth acidity it yielded a nice crisp finish with a lingering taste of apricot.  I thought it was a great glass of wine, and it paired nicely with the relaxing afternoon.   This wine also went quite well with ham, and I’m sure it would pair well with similar meals.  So if you are in the mood for a Riesling, think about trying out R Fusion if you happen to stumble upon a bottle,  it will definitely be worth the effort.




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