Santa Carolina Carmenere

The Central Valley of Chile is a large growing region that consists of four main sub-regions – the Curico Valley, Maipo Valley, Rapel Valley,  and Maule Valley.  There are many different varietals grown in these regions, just a few being Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere and Pinot Noir.  I recently tried a Carmenere from the Rapel Valley, a 2009 produced by Santa Carolina.  This winery is one of a group of about a dozen wineries that produce close to 90 % of the Chilean wine exported to the United States.  Santa Carolina has been making since 1875, and the original warehouse built for the winery was declared a national monument in 1973.   The 2009 Reserva Carmenere I tried was an excellent wine, it had a deep purple color, along with aromas of ripe black fruit along with a little earthiness.  It had smooth tannins on the finish along with hints of black berry.  It was a nice glass of wine, and it paired well with the grilled steak I had along with it.  I always enjoy a good glass of Carmenere, and this was definitely among the best I have tried.

2009 Santa Carolina Carmenere

Chilean Winery Cono Sur is starting a summer campaign encouraging consumers to drink chilled Pinot Noir.  Although it’s not a wine that you would normally drink chilled, it might not be a bad idea.  There’s nothing liked chilled wine in the summer… 




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  1. Nice article Seth. Enjoy that Pinot Noir slightly chilled. It’s a nice heat breaker on a summer afternoon. Cheers!

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