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The Razor’s Edge

So I admit, the label on this wine sold me.  However it was a good bottle of wine, and besides isn’t label art supposed to sell wine?

Razor’s Edge 2008 Shiraz

Razor’s Edge is from the McLaren Vale region in South Australia.  This region is located 20 miles south of Adelaide, and the first vines were planted there in 1838.  Together with an excellent range of soil types and an annual rainfall of about 22 inches, it has become one of the most important wine producing regions in Australia.  The producers of McLaren Vale have gained a good reputation for big, full-bodied red wines.  This 2008 Shiraz was a pretty decent glass of wine.  It had a nice purple color to it, with hints of spice on the nose, and a nice smooth finish of spicy blackberry.  Just a little hot at 14.5% alcohol, however it still was pretty well balanced, and was a great glass of wine to relax and enjoy the evening with.   

I also tried the Razor’s Edge Shiraz – Grenache blend.  This  2008 is a blend of 75% Shiraz and 25% Grenache.  This wine was definitely not as full-bodied as the 2008 Shiraz, but still had a nice smoothness to it, along with a spicy finish.  Overall I would say you can’t go wrong with both of these wines, and also for $10.49 each, the price is right for some great, easy drinking wine.



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