Washington State Chardonnay and Other Notes

  I always enjoy a good Chardonnay, and there are some really good ones being produced here in Washington State. 

 One I tried this weekend is made by Snoqualmie Vineyards, and was a great buy at $6 retail.  The 2009 I tried has a pale straw color to it, with a hint of oak and aromas of fresh fruit on the nose.  On the palate I got a nice refreshing flavor of  ripe melon along with a bit of tropical fruit.  Along with a good balance of acids and tannins it leaves you with a nice  smooth finish.  A cool note to pass along about Snoqualmie is their sustainable viticultural practices, and they also have their own line of certified organic wines.

Another good Chardonnay I would recommend is made by Arbor Crest Cellars  in Spokane, WA.  A good bargain at $10 retail, their 2009 has a pale gold color with hints of fresh crisp apples on the nose, and a nice crisp finish of apricot and mellow oak.  Last but not least, Waterbrook has a nice Chardonnay as well. This 2008 I tried has a nice light straw color to it, with a hint of citrus on the nose, and a finish of fresh ripe apples with just the right touch of oak.  For a retail price of $7.50, it was a good deal. 

 Other news in the wine world…

Two of the biggest wine corporations in the world, Gallo and Constellation, have just settled a class action lawsuit dealing with fake Pinot Noir.

Here is an interesting article written by Jon Bonne of the SF Gate, about what he thinks are 5 things about wine to look out for in 2012.   The one I find most intriguing is about issues facing the European wine industry.

And from the world of food,  here’s a cool article from Food & Wine featuring the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the U.S.

 Have a great Sunday!



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